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Core technology
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Glass molding
Large-aperture elements molding technology

1、Leading Optics has precision and ultra-precision grinding processing advantages. For molding the large-aperture glass lenses, our company has developed the ultra-precision grinding platform and heavy grinding technology to fabricate the large-aperture mold, which can efficiently complete the ultra-precision machining of the optical surface of tungsten steel, carbon steel, SiC and other hard and brittle materials. It can achieve the profile accuracy of submicron level and the surface roughness of nanometer level. At the same time, our company has complete pre-processing technology capabilities such as roughing and precision machining, and post-processing technology such as ultra-precision polishing and coating. We have the ability to complete batch machining and measuring of complete large-aperture glass molds.
2、3、Equipment: Internal and external round grinding machine tool, Surface grinding machine tool, Toshiba UVM precision grinding machine tool, 10 ultra-precision grinding machine tool (Precitech Nanoform UG+Levicron grinding spindle), JMPG-100 fine point polishing machine tool, OKAMOTO-AeroLAP polishing machine tool
3、Technical ability: aspherical tungsten steel mold aperture 50~100 mm, profile accuracy less than 100 nm, surface roughness Sa<1 nm.
● lager aperture
● higher accuracy
● Has the whole manufacturing process mold machining ability

Microstructural components molding technology 

1、Introduction to Technology:Leading Optics has multi-axis ultra-precision machining technology, multi-energy field composite machining technology and ultra-precision grinding, which can fabricate glass molds with various microstructure arrays on the surface of hard and brittle materials such as carbon steel, tungsten steel and SiC. The aspheric lens array, cylindrical lens array and Fresnel diffraction microstructure can all be fabricated by these technologies.
2、Technical ability:
The microstructures aperture is 0.1~2mm, the depth is 10um~500um, the array size is 16~2000, the accuracy of the surface is consistent less than 100nm.
● Forming technology of tungsten steel mold with microstructure 
● Multi-axis ultra-precision grinding 
● Can support more degrees of freedom for microstructural optical design 
● The array scale is larger
● Unit steepness is greater

Asymmetrical component molding technology

1、Introduction to Technology:
Leading Optics owns ultra-precision grinding and compensation technology, which can fabricate freeform surfaces with asymmetric structure by multi-axis ultra-precision grinding. Moreover, Leading Optics can fabricate various high-precision freeform tungsten steel molds through self-developed measurement and compensation technologies.
2、The aperture of free form mold is 10~40mm, the profile accuracy is less than 200 nm
● Ultra-precision grinding and compensation technology of free form
● lager aperture
● higher accuracy