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Core technology
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Optical injection molding
High precision microstructure component forming technology

1、Introduction to Technology:
The core technology advantage of Leading Optics is multi-axis ultra-precision machining technology. Through ultra-precision turning, milling, planing, flying knife, grinding and other composite processes, as well as self-developed measurement and compensation software, to analyzed and compensated the micro-level surface profile of microsturcture unit structure units. It can not only achieve high-precision fabrication of microstructural surface of optical components, but also replicate microstructures from mass-production molds to lens products by nanoimprint, injection molding and glass molding.
● Unit compensation technology for microstructured arrays
● Ultra-precision composite machining process chain

Compensation technology for forming freeform components

For freeform optical mold fabricated by ultra-precision machining, based on the self-developed fitting and compensation algorithm for the profile error function, Leading Optics accurately compensates the positioning error, tool radius error and other errors generated in slow cutting servo machining of freeform mold and corresponding machining, so as to obtain the freeform optical mold of high profile accuracy and high surface quality.